River Report: 7/25/16

River Report: 7/25/16

If you like throwing big foam, dry flies, this is the time of year for you. Hooper/ terrestrial fishing has been doing well the last couple of weeks.   We are catching a good number of smolt along with having a few chances at landing big ones. The fish seem to be looking up and hungry.


If dry fly fishing is not your thing and you are a streamer junkie, I would recommend throwing small to medium size streamers with a lite leader. The best colors seem to be white, olive, and yellow. With the water being so low, I would use a 250-grain sink tip no need for the big 300’s. Nymphing has also been working pretty well. Small nymphs, on 5x and 6x have been putting some nice fish to hand. We have been pulling them out of the deep dark holes and shaded areas.


             Mousing has been decent the last few nights before the moon gets up and shines down on the river. Darker color mice have been the ticket with the bright moon. If you are out there mousing you want to key in on the darkest spots on the river, that is where the fish will be hiding at night.


            The upcoming forecast looks to be extremely hot over the weekend. If you are able to pay attention to the water temperatures since it is already in the mid 60’s.   Once it gets into the 70’s it could become dangerous for the fish, and they could die from a exhausting fight. So you want to land them fast and spend plenty of time reviving them.


Good Luck and Tight Lines

Capt. Devon Carr

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