River Report: 6/2/16

River Report: 6/2/16

GRAY DRAKES ARE EVERYWHERE………… Dry fly fishing has been great the last couple of weeks and should continue to get better. The Gray Drake hatch has been very good during the evening, through all stretches of the river. Big fish have been rising and a few of them have even been caught. A lot of nice teen size fish with fat healthy bellies have also been caught. With the big hatches a lot of the fish are filling up during the evening and not really looking up at night, so mousing has slowed down a little bit.   However, we are rolling a few each night and catching a couple as well.


            If you are looking to fish during the day, emerger flies has been the ticket the last couple of weeks (Sz. 14 and up). Nymphing has also been putting some night fish to hand as well. I would recommend using small nymphs (Sz. 14 and up) and fishing the deeper runs and riffles during the day. Other bugs that have been hatching are, Sulphurs, Yellow Sallys, Black Stones, and Little Mahogany just to name a few. This has been one of the better dry fly seasons we have had in the past couple years.


            With the promising hatches and fish feeding, the Hex hatch is looking very promising for the month of June. We have very knowledgeable and personable guides still available. So give us a call today to book a trip and get out on the river. Be safe and have a great time.

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