River Report: February 9th 2015

River Report: February 9th 2015

As winter progresses, the fish start to slow down on they’re eating, and conserve their energy. This is the time when you can land your big fish. The fish are starting to be a little more lethargic and a little easier to land. With that being said it is important that you make your casts count. They are not going to move far or if at all for a meal so you are going to have to put it right on their nose. The Pere Marquette River has good water and very little shelf ice; which is really nice compared to last year when the river frozen over.


This time of year indicator fishing seems to be the most productive way to fish for steelhead and trout. You are going to want to fish light colored eggs such as McCheese nuke egg or glo bug, apricot glo bug, pink estaz, and peach estaz. If you are looking to switch it up and not throw just eggs, you are going to want to tie on a hex nymph, caddis, or pheasant tail.

If streamer fishing is your game, it is a little slow right now but should be picking up. If you are stripping streamers, make sure you give a fairly slow presentation and get your flies down on the bottom, where the fish should be hanging out. Swinging flies is not a bad way to fish this time of year. One, you don’t have to constantly get your hands wet by stripping in all of your line and two, some fish rather eat a fly on the swing then one being striped. One thing to think about when your winter time fishing is that the early bird does not always get the worm, sometimes fishing picks up after the day as warmed up a little bit. So tight lines and stay safe.

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