River Report: 4/9/15

River Report: 4/9/15

Well folks the warm rain that we have all been wishing for has arrived.  After all of the rain the past night and today, the river is going to blow its banks.  So if you are deciding on going out and doing a little wade fishing I would highly suggest that you do not do it.  Unless you know where you are going.


Rod with some beauty chrome

Fishing has not been on fire lately but it has not been bad.  A lot of the fish we had a couple of weeks ago, seemed to have left.   We are hoping that with the rain will bring up the rest of our spring steelhead run.  They are defiantly making you work for them at times but if you find the fresher ones in the holes they are a little bit more bitty.


Brent with his first one on the day.

We have been using all sorts of methods lately to catch these amazing fish.  Indicator fishing and chuck and duck have been the two best methods lately.  With the water on the rise you are going to want to use bigger size egg patterns (Pom Pom size).  Colors that have been working lately are orange, chartreuse, and clown.  Also black stones and caddis have been working great as well.  If you are not in the mood to fish gravel there seems to be a decent amount of fishing holding in the holes as well, along with some new chrome coming up (Hole fish are very bitty fish).

IMG_0983Mark with a beauty

Now for the streamer enthusiasts…….. Streamer fishing has been very good lately for brown trout along with pulling in some hot chrome.  With all of the rain and the warmer temperatures that we are suppose to get should make fishing even better.  If you are looking to strip streamers for steel, try and move it slow like a jig and let it get down to the bottom.  This seems to be the best method going in my boat the last few days for steel on the strip.  Colors that have been working well are brown and copper, black and copper, yellow, and olive and white.  Bait fish patterns along with leech patterns have been the working flies.


Derek with his second on the strip for the day.

Upcoming weather……  It appears that the warm weather is coming.  This weekend it looks like we are going to have some nice temperatures in the 60’s with cloudy days.  They are also saying that the rain should be slowing down by the end of Friday.  It appears that we are going to have some great steelhead weather coming up.


Bill with a nice brown on the day.

Be careful out there and good fishing.

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