New River Report: 3/31/15

New River Report: 3/31/15

The spring steelhead fishing is off to a slower start this year.  The shined up gravel was progressively getting bigger, but now that has settled down a little bit with the cold spell we have had the past few days. The fish have dropped back into the deep holes of the river, where they will wait until the water warms up. Eggs, stones, and hex nymphs have been working the best under indicators and chuck and duck. There are more colored up fish in the river right now, but we should start to see more and more chrome with a warm up and some rain in the forecast.
IMG_0920UB getting it done

The water is clearing up and dropping at a good rate.  After a slight delay of spawning fish with the cold weather, it seems that they are getting back on track with warmer weather.  Trout are becoming more and more active behind the spawning steelhead.

IMG_0964Ken with some brown trout action

Future fishing is looking bright, as the temperatures continue to climb and the river  warms up. My clients and I have hooked and caught fresher fish the past couple days, which is also a promising sign.  We have caught a few fish on fry but not super hot yet. Pretty soon there will be salmon fry all over the river, big brown trout and steelhead will be out on the prowl for them.

Mark hooking into some nice steelhead

Hope to see you out on the river and contact me if you want a day report.

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