River Report 3/13/15: The Spring Run Has Begun

River Report 3/13/15: The Spring Run Has Begun

The 2015 spring steelhead run has officially kick off.  Hopefully the warm weather is here to stay.  Almost all of the river is now open and fresh fish are coming up.  This warm weather is melting the snow and the river is slowly rising with some nice stain to it now.


The water temperature is in the mid to upper 30’s as of Tuesday, and should be increasing as we continue to have beautiful weather.  The best bite has been early morning and late evening due to recent sunny days.


Since the water is on the rise, more fresh fish are showing up.  The hold over fish from the winter will be on the move to their spawning grounds very soon.  The fish that we are hooking up have all been “Hot” fish.



Indicators with floating lines has been working well on the long drifts.  Chuck -and- duck has been working well in the shorts deep buckets.  Swinging and striping leach or baitfish patterns have also been putting some fish to hand.  Stones, caddies, and hex nymphs seem to be whats on the menu lately.  With that being said a steelhead hardly ever turns down a nice juicy egg fly.   As the water temperature continues to rise the fry will start to show up.


I still have some prime spring steelhead dates available, contact me for more details.  Hope to see you on the water



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